November 21, 2017



Every year my Homesteading site Sweet Southern Blue crashes because so many people are trying to get to this pecan pie recipe.  It's a recipe that I have been using for over thirty years and I believe it's an old Better Homes and Gardens recipe.  

It an effort to make the recipe available, even when my site crashes, I have added the recipe on my travel blog.  If you have time after  your big Thanksgiving meal and your black Friday shopping, come back and visit this blog where I tell you how I am able to travel on a very small budget.

November 2, 2017


When my sister and I started planning our road trip, we were heading to Colorado.  Because of endless rain in the forecast, we decided to head to the only place in the US that didn't have rain in the forecast and that was Minnesota.  

To be honest, Minnesota had never been on my radar. After playing around on Pinterest, I realized that was a lot of beauty in Minnesota, especially along the North Shore. It wasn't long before I was packing and excited about heading to an area of endless waterfalls.

October 30, 2017


The Two Harbors Light is the oldest operating lighthouse in the Minnesota. Overlooking Lake Superior's Agate Bay, the lighthouse is located in Two Harbors, Minnesota.

This was not a planned stop but those are usually the best, aren't they?

We saw a a sign that said Two Harbors and made a sharp left turn.  The town was so quaint and beautiful baskets of pink flowers were hanging from lamp post around town. 

October 20, 2017


Sugarloaf Cove is a 34-acre site located on the North Shore of Lake Superior, approximately 4 miles southwest of the town of Schroeder, Minnesota.

Here is the entrance to the trail leading to the lake.

SPLIT ROCK LIGHTHOUSE ~Two Harbors, Minnesota

The most dangerous piece of water in the world - A November gale that wrecked nearly 30 ships in 1905 prompted this rugged landmark's construction. When the U.S. Lighthouse Service completed Split Rock Light Station in 1910, it soon became one of Minnesota's best known destinations.

Nestled in a Minnesota State Park, Split Rock Lighthouse is one of the most photographed and visited spots in the state.  We decided not to stop at the lighthouse and visitor center though we did drive around the area. 

If you were to google Split Rock Lighthouse, you will see some amazingly beautiful photos of the lighthouse across the bay and that was the view we were after.

We almost had the entire place to ourselves.  There was only one family on the whole beach.

September 28, 2017


Gooseberry Falls was the first waterfall we came to our drive along the North Shore.  It's actually referred to as the gateway to the North Shore.  What a spectacular start on our journey to the Canadian border.

We arrived early in the morning allowing us to photograph the falls without a lot of people in them.  I understand that as it gets later in the day, it becomes very crowded so if you are a photographer and looking for great shots, make this your first stop.