October 23, 2016


I had never heard of Senglea, Malta before my visit there last week.  We were on Airbnb looking for places to stay and we ran across this amazing apartment, in a beautiful location, and at a great price.  The apartment was beyond what we expected (you can see the apartment HERE) and the neighborhood was perfect.  

October 21, 2016


The history of Mdina traces back more than 4000 years. According to tradition it was here that in 60 A.D. that the Apostle St. Paul is said to have lived after being shipwrecked on the Islands. Furthermore it is said that St. Paul resided inside the grotto know as Fuori le Mura (outside the city walls) now known as St. Paul's Grotto in Rabat. Lamp lit by night and referred to as "the silent city", Mdina is fascinating to visit for its timeless atmosphere as well as its cultural and religious treasures.

Visiting the Mdina is like stepping back in time.  It's fun exploring the narrow cobblestone streets, the churches, monasteries, and palaces.  Step into gift shops and try some of the amazing pastries and cakes as you tour this amazing ancient walled city.

Mdina is one of Malta's major tourist attractions, hosting about 750,000 tourists a year.  No cars are allowed except for a limited number of residents and service vehicles which is partly why it has earned the nickname "the Silent City."  

The day we were there, tour groups from the cruise ship were arriving.  There were hundreds of people milling about the streets and courtyards and although it was very crowded, there was still plenty of opportunities to see everything and the shops are restaurants were not that crowded.

October 19, 2016


We decided to use Airbnb for our lodging in each country we visited.  I have never used airbnb before but had heard about others having great experiences with it and the cost was much cheaper than staying in hotels.  And let's face it, staying in a hotel doesn't really give you an authentic experience.  

For detailed information about pricing and apartments we rented, check out my post Booking Unbelievably Cheap Lodging in Europe...Yes, It's Possible ! 

We chose Kavall Apartments in Senglea.  The price was great and the location was fantastic. The apartments are located just two minutes' walk from the Bus Terminus and 5 minutes away from the Sea, in one of the Three Cities in the historical part of Malta. Quiet and peaceful, yet only twenty minutes from the Capital City - Valletta.

The two photos above are of the deck off the living room.  It wraps almost completely around the apartment.

Everything was immaculate and beautiful.  The pictures really don’t do the place justice.

October 18, 2016


marsaxlokk fishing village malta

The small and picturesque fishing village of Marsaxlokk (pronounced marsa-schlock – meaning Southern Port) is located in the South Eastern part of Malta.

The natural harbour has attracted seafaring cultures since ancient times. In the 9th century BC, Phoenicians used this port to land in Malta – they even had their own temple dedicated to Astarte. The Romans used Marsaxlokk bay for safe anchorage during their reign, as did the Arabs after them. Later on in Malta’s history, Marsaxlokk provided anchorage for the Ottoman fleet when they came to lay siege to Malta in 1565.

marsaxlokk fishing village malta

The public bus does not go to Marsaxlokk so we took a taxi from Senglea.  The cost was €20 so €5 each for our party of 4.  It took about 15 minutes to get there so it was well worth the money.  The buses in Malta are cheap (€1.50) but doesn't go to a lot of the tour sites so we opted to take a taxi to some of the places and then take a bus back to our apartment.  

marsaxlokk fishing village malta

If you plan to visit Malta, Marsaxlokk is a must-see.  Malta is an inexpensive place to visit so splurge and take taxi to those places you can't reach by bus.  You won't regret it !

October 16, 2016


'Popeye Village Malta', the Film Set of the 1980 Musical Production “Popeye”, also known as 'Popeye Village' today is one of Malta's major tourist attractions. The film set was constructed in Anchor Bay during the last 7 months of 1979.

To construct this authentic wooden village, tree trunk logs were trailered overland from Holland, and wood shingles, used in the construction of the roof tops, were imported all the way from Canada. A 165 international construction crew consumed eight tons of nails and two thousand gallons of paint to finish off this massive Set.

Seeing this village was on my list of places to see in Malta.  I didn't have time to tour it up close but did have the driver carry me by the harbor so I could get a few photos.  

If you visit Malta, make sure this village is on your list of things to see.  If your time is short, like mine was, you can pull off the highway across the bay.  If you would like to visit, you can purchase tickets online at the website listed below.  

October 3, 2016

Faecal matter on plane tray tables, unwashed blankets... and 80 million bacteria on suitcases: The dirty secrets of air travel revealed

I just ran across this article on Dailymail.com and had to share. 

Research has discovered that not only so planes harbour bacteria in unexpected places, the source of illnesses on holiday can be traced directly back to our suitcases.

During research, an anonymous cabin crew member was interviewed, claiming: 'Cleaners don't have time to thoroughly clean planes between journeys, as they are under pressure constantly to provide a quick turn-around. 
Additionally, research conducted in the US by The Today Show found that bacteria causing cold viruses, influenza, MRSA, E-coli and listeria have all been discovered on planes and in airports.

The worst offenders when it came to onboard hygiene were discovered to be the fold-down tray tables that travellers use for eating in-flight meals.

These were found to be rife with high levels of bacteria – perhaps the result of airlines failing to wipe the tables properly between flights.
Luggage comes into contact with up to 80 million bacteria before it even reaches the hotel room, according to the latest statistics
Luggage comes into contact with up to 80 million bacteria before it even reaches the hotel room, according to the latest statistics