June 12, 2015


Krause Springs is a well known camping and swimming site located in the beautiful Hill country of Texas.  It is located in Spicewood, Texas about 30 minutes west of Austin.  The 115 acre property is listed on the National Registry of Historic Sites and has been privately owned by the Krause Family for over 50 years.

There are 32 springs on the property, and several feed the man-made pool and the natural pool which flows into Lake Travis.  It's a refreshing treat to swim in the Springs during the hot summers of Texas.  There is also primitive camping and 24 RV sties with hook-ups.  

When I arrived, I wasn't sure what to expect but after visiting with with family and touring the grounds, I highly recommend stopping by if you are in the area.  If you are looking a destination to camp or park your RV, I would put this Krause Springs at the top of my list.  

You won't find loud boats or jet skis here so it's perfect if you are looking for a peaceful place to relax, swim, or camp.

 You have the option to swim in the natural spring fed pool or in the man made swimming pool.

I have to admit that the natural pool area was a little scary.  There seemed to be some type of film on top of the water. (You should be able to see it in the photos)  Pollen maybe?  

But never fear, if you don't want to scale the slippery rocks, you can hang out at this spring fed swimming pool.

There is also a lovely garden in front of the family home filled with plants and flowers.  Oh, and there are wind chimes.  I don't mean wind chimes like the ones you can buy at your local store, I mean..WIND CHIMES...giant, huge, enormous wind chimes.  The sound was absolutely beautiful.

Check out the wind chimes over this hammock.  They are HUGE!

I had throw in this photo.   I thought this root looked just like a dogs head.  What do you think?


From Austin, take Texas Hwy 71 west, cross the Pedernales River, drive 7 more miles, turn right on spur 191 at the Exxon Station and turn right again on Country Road 404.

Day Guests:  $7 per Adult (12 + years)
                      $5 per Child (4 +11 years)
                       Free for children under 4 years.

Camping Overnight: $14 per Adult
                                     $6 per child
                                      Free for children under 4 years


  • Check out the list of FAQ HERE
  • Check out closures ahead of time.  You can go to their website HERE. or
  • Check out their Facebook page HERE.
  • There is no easy way down to the natural pool.  People with limited mobility would probably not be able get to the natural pool but there is plenty to do without traversing the slopes. 
  • I can't say this enough...the rocks in the natural pool area are slick when they are wet.  VERY slick.  
  • There are several places to picnic so bring lunch and don't forget to bring something to drink.  There are no towns nearby. 


Go when it's warmer so I can actually enjoy the pools.  

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