January 8, 2016


Cozumel was beautiful but I liked Jamaica and Grand Cayman better.  We didn’t do an excursion here so that may be why I didn’t enjoy it as much.  If I ever get back to Cozumel, I plan on going to Tulum to see the Mayan Ruins.

Of course the 2 1/2 mile walk into town didn't help.  

Cozumel, Mexico

That little person you see standing by the Puerta Maya sign is me.

Cozumel, Mexico

There was already another ship in port when we arrived.  

Cozumel, Mexico

If you decide not to leave the port area, don't worry, there is plenty to see and do.  

Cozumel, Mexico

Love this Christmas scene.  Especially when it's 80 degrees and I get to enjoy it in shorts !

Cozumel, Mexico

My daughter  and my "adopted daughter" posing in the beautiful landscaping around the port.

Cozumel, Mexico

Now this is the life…I could have stayed here forever

Cozumel, Mexico

Yep, this is the way to spend Christmas vacation.

Cozumel, Mexico

That's me :)

 My daughter enjoyed posing with this "statue."

Like I said, there is plenty of shopping, restaurant, and photo ops.

Even though the walk into town was long and hot, there was some beautiful scenery.

Cozumel, Mexico

Hanging out in Margaritaville

Just imagine how they would act if they had actually had something to drink besides Coke!

Cozumel, Mexico

Unbeknownst to me, this guy is groping my daughter as I am taking the picture…can you see his eyes?

Here are the two ships in port.  You can see how close and how large the ships are.  


You will read and be told it is just a short walk into town.  Just an FYI, it's around 2.5 miles into town so "short walk" means different things to different people.

It's easy to get a taxi from the port.  They will carry you anywhere you want to go and it will be much cheaper than taking an excursion.  The cost of a taxi into town is around $8 an it was well worth it not to have to walk back to the pier.  

At the taxi stop, you will see a list of places to visit and the cost of the taxi.  Unlike other places I have visited, you know up front how much the cost will be.

There are several shops around the port so if you want to save money (like we did) you can hang out there.  There are high end items along with cheaper souvenirs and we had a blast exploring the area.


I would not waste time walking into town and if I decided to go anywhere, I would take a taxi.  

If I go back, I definitely want to explore more of the island but as with most cruise stops, time is limited.  Decide where you want to spend your time and head that way once you leave the ship.  

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