November 8, 2016


It's never too late to follow your dreams....

At 51 years of age, I can say this is true.  I spent my married life sitting at home the first few years taking care of kids, his & mine, and the second half traveling with my husband who fished bass tournaments.  Several months out of the year we spent two weeks on the road traveling to various state while my husband fished in BASS and FLW tournaments.    

We were in southern Florida in January, by February we were in another state, and March a different state.  We traveled around Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Alabama, and Michigan just to name a few.  
We home-schooled our daughter which allowed us to travel as a family.  We met other families that traveled the fishing circuit from all across the United States.  This gave our daughter a chance to meet kids that she would never have had the opportunity to meet otherwise.

My daughter, who has never been shy, thrived in this lifestyle.  She loved the traveling, she loved playing with other kids, and she loved exploring.  Since she was homeschooled, we tried to take educational tours.  We went to a lot of science and history museums.  Instead of just reading about places, she had the chance to see them in person. 

It's no surprise that my daughter has a passion for travel.  She now has a one year old son and she wants to introduce him to all of the amazing places she has been.  She wants him to see different cultures and allow him to see this beautiful world that God created. 

 All of this ended when my husband of fourteen years decided he wanted to be married to someone else.  Though my love of traveling remained, the income didn't.  I just couldn't afford to spend money on travel.  If you are a single parent or a family struggling to get by, you know there isn't such a thing as "spare money."

Fast forward ten years....As I approached 50, I decided that I wan't going to watch life pass me by anymore.  I had my phone disconnected, got rid of satellite TV, quit eating out (even places like McDonald's), started using coupons,  and drove an old vehicle (saved $500 a month).

I started making extra money by blogging and by working extra jobs.  I read every travel tip I could find and have learned how to  find great travel deals.  You can read about how I find cheap flights HERE and how I find cheap lodging HERE.

If you want to travel, do it!  Don't put it off to "some day."  

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