April 21, 2017


This post covers the Trevi Fountain and Pantheon.  The first part covering visiting the Piazza Navona & Chiesa Di Santa Maria Maddalena can be found HERE.


The Trevi Fountain is probably the most famous fountain in Rome so of course, if you are in Rome, you are going to want to visit the site.  It's a very short walk from the Pantheon and as you wind your way down narrow streets you will turn the corner and it's suddenly in front of you.  

Unlike the Piazza Navona and the Pantheon, there is no courtyard in front of the fountain. It's not a large area so it seems more crowded than most places. I have added a areal view above so you can see how tight the space is.

The crowds were not bad the day we went and there was plenty of space around the fountain area.  My favorite part of the visit to the fountain was the cannolis we purchased inside a little restaurant/bakery near the fountain.  There were no signs anywhere indicating the name of the business but if you are facing the fountain, the bakery would be a few doors down on the left.

Don't they look delicious?  They tasted even better than they looked and the cost was low.  A bottle of water and the cannoli cost around €2.50.  That's one of the great things about Rome, you can find great food at reasonable prices.


The Pantheon is one of the few places that is open to the public daily, there is no admission charge and no security screening. Apart from Sunday, standard opening time is 8:30 a.m and closing time 7:30 p.m. The Pantheon is closed on some national holidays and if a mass is taking place. 

interior pic here

The first thing most people do when entering the Pantheon is to look up at the dome.  The dome is a perfect sphere resting on a cylinder.  In the center is the oculus, the only source of light in the Pantheon, which is feet in 27 diameter. It's hard to believe that in the middle of all of this lavishness, rain water pours in through the dome and runs  across a gently sloped floor.


The narrow streets of Ancient Rome where you find the Pantheon and the Trevi Fountain are too narrow for automobiles.  Whether you travel by bus or taxi, you will be dropped off to you nearest destination and will have to walk.

We decided to start at the Piazza Narvona.  I always see it in movies so it was a must on my "to visit" list.  We took a taxi since we were almost at the end of our 24 hour visit (you can see a video of the entire visit here).  It was a very short walk to the piazza.  From there we went to the Chiesa Di Santa Maria Maddalena. It is a beautiful church that you won't want to miss and it's on the way to the Pantheon.

The map above shows the route we took but I suggest you create a google map, drop a pin in all of the places you plan to visit, and create a walking map before you go.  Don't depend on your phone.  We had 4 phones with us from different carriers and couldn't get signals on any of them.  Maybe because the streets were narrow and the buildings blocked the signal?  They worked fine in Baracelona and Malta.

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