April 2, 2015


I love going to the beach and Biloxi,Mississippi just happens to be the closet beach to my landlocked home in southwest Arkansas.  I also love going to Ship Island which is one of my favorite National Parks.  If you have never been to Ship Island, you can check it out HERE.

Because of hurricanes, many of my visits have left me strolling along long empty beaches where there once stood hotels, restaurants, and casinos. I love the miles and miles of empty beaches but every return visit I find more and more business have returned.  One of these is the Hard Rock Cafe and Casino.

Fortunately this graffiti wall was still there.  This is my favorite place to go for pictures.  The great colors of the graffiti makes a fantastic backdrop.

              Here are a couple of shots of my daughter, Heather.                                       

Here is one of her friend Margie.

I love to stay at the Courtyard Marriott when I visit Biloxi.  It's easy to get to, doesn't have a huge parking garage to maneuver through, and it has easy access to the beach.  

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