August 7, 2015

Montego Bay ~ Jamaica (Part 1)

If you take a cruise to Jamaica, this is what you will see when you pull into port at Montego Bay,

My daughter booked us for an excursion to the Hilton Rose Hall Resort and Spa.  It was beyond my expectations !  If you are looking for a place to spend some time in Jamaica, I would highly recommend it.  We paid $80 a person which included your choice of food from  three restaurants, beverages (including all non-premium brand liquor, draft beer, and wine by the glass), non-motorized water sports, kids club programs, fitness center, access to the internet cafe, and tax and service charges.

I have been on several excursions around the world and it is so much cheaper to book with a private company.   You can do a google search for "excursions from ......) and get a list of companies along with prices and reviews. 

When you leave your cruise ship, you walk to the private excursions area and look for a sign with the company you booked.  In Jamaica, you will need to walk past the signs, walk through the building with all of the shops, and go out the backside.  This is where you will find the private tours. We did not know this and was late for our tour bus.

As you can see, the view is amazing.

This is my beautiful daughter.

Travel between cascading waterfalls, three terraced pools, relaxing lagoons, a 280-foot waterslide, and a lazy river.  There is also a jungle garden – complete with a rope-and-wood suspension bridge, faux rock formations, and replicas of the aqueducts of the former Rose Hall Plantation. 

The landscaping and water features were beautiful and we enjoyed wandering the paths around the property.

You can continue on to Jamaica (Part 2) to see the rest of the pictures and get my final take on the resort.

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