November 12, 2015

BARCELONA ~ Spain (Placa de Catalunya)

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Plaça de Catalunya.  Placa de Catalunya is a large square in central  Barcelona, Spain  that is generally considered to be both its city center and the place where the old city and new meet.   It is  known for its fountains and statues, its proximity to some of Barcelona’s most popular attractions, and for the flocks of pigeons that gather in the center.
Plaça de Catalunya, Barcelona
Plaça de Catalunya, Barcelona
Yep, out of everthing in Barcelona, the history, the shopping, the architecture, my daughter loved feeding the pigeons.
We spent very little money when we traveled.  We bought nothing the whole day we were in Barcelona, not even food, except for bird seed.  You heard me right, we wouldn’t spend money on ourselves but we spent money to feed these fat birds.  Not only did we feed them once, but she had to go back and buy another bag.
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I couldn’t help but smile as I watched her face light up  like it did when she was a small child.  As parents of our adult children, we don’t often get the see the pure joy in our children like we did when they were growing up. So when my 25 year old daughter came over and stuck out her hand for more money, I happily handed it over to her.  After all, these moments in our lives are priceless.

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