November 17, 2015

NAPLES ~ Italy

I can’t believe I didn’t take many videos on my European vacation.  I was so busy walking and shooting there wasn’t much time to stop and video anything but I didn’t manage to shoot this video when we arrived in Naples, Italy.
Naples, Italy
I was excited about the last stop of our cruise.  Naples’ busy shipping port is the gateway city for some of Italy’s most famous attractions, with the island of Capri, the ancient ruins of Pompeii and the beautiful Amalfi Coast on its doorstep.    I knew Pompeii and the Amalfi coast (both on my bucket list) was on schedule for the day so I was up and ready early that morning.
It was everything I dreamed it would be and more.  How do you describe standing in the ruins of Pompeii or walking along the coast in Sorento an Positano?  It was surreal, wonderful, magnificent, awe-inspiring, stunning, and thrilling.
Naples, Italy
 It was overwhelming knowing I stood in the same port and my great grandfather and great-great grandfather and they left Italy and came to America at the turn of the century. I knew as I stood overlooking the old buildings, that I was seeing the same sites that my grandfather’s saw when they left the port over a hundred years ago. As I stood on the bow of the deck looking down as the busy port, I imagined my predecessor’s emotions as they left their home country to travel to America. There was probably trepidation of the unknown but also excitement of what the future held. 
This is the beautiful sunset scene as we left Naples.

This gorgeous guy is Roberto and he was our personal guide for the day. 

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