November 17, 2015

Cefalu, Sicily (Small Fishing Village in North Sicily) Part 2

I just couldn't get everything into one post about Cefalu, Sicily.  I loved the place and hope to get back there one day.  So...continuing from Part 1......

 The first place we visited when we arrived in Cefalu was a local gourmet shop where we enjoyed a taste of some Sicilian specialties including a variety of wines.

I just had to take a picture of these Ladies & Gents restroom signs :)

I just had to snap of picture of this cute construction guy.  

I loved this little truck loaded with these wonderful fruits and vegetables.  Like a farmers market on wheels !

He put the items in plastic bags and set it in the window of the customers house.  Notice they lady in the window in the pic above.

I guess that's one of the advantages of having your front door and windows literally open onto the street.  Curb service !!!

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