November 14, 2015

PULA ~ Italy & Pink Flamingos

As we left Cagliari and headed to see the Ruins of Nora, we passed miles and miles of salt marshes filled with these beautiful pink flamingos.
5 (640x419)
This was the first time I had seen this many flamingos at one time and the first time I had experienced flamingos in the wild.

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We also saw several sheep while traveling around Europe.
If you research the town of Pula, Italy, you will find nothing but glowing reports about how friendly and it's rated as the prettiest town in southern Sardinia.  I didn't get to spend much time there since we were just passing through but I would love to go back and explore this little town.

This is the church of Sant'Efisio (twelfth century). It was built in the place where the saint was martyred. At the foot of the sanctuary lies the Guventeddu beach. 

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