December 27, 2015

Experiences Make Us Happier than Posessions

People Who Spend Money On Experiences Instead Of Things Are Much Happier

Study: Experiences make us happier than possessionsBuy Experiences, Not Things

NOwnership, No Problem: Why Millennials Value Experiences Over Owing Things.

.......this generation not only highly values experiences, but they are increasingly spending time and money on them: from concerts and social events to athletic pursuits, to cultural experiences and events of all kinds. For this group, happiness isn’t as focused on possessions or career status. Living a meaningful, happy life is about creating, sharing and capturing memories earned through experiences that span the spectrum of life’s opportunities.

Exploring Pompeii 

These are some of the articles I have been reading this morning as I sit here at my computer on my 52nd  birthday.
The last quote was found on Forbes web site.  I love seeing that the millennial generation has things in perspective.  I know my twenty-six year old daughter has the same philosophy that I do - 

 Experiences truly does make us happier than possessions.

As we get ready to begin a new year, I wonder how people would answer the question ...... What was your three favorite memories for this past year?  So stop reading right now and think of the first 3 things to pop into your mind. 

Here are the first three things that came to my mind:
  1. Birth of my grandson (and photographing it)
  2. Photographing bluebonnets in Texas Hill Country in the spring.
  3. Quick trip to Biloxi / Ship Island with friends last summer.
Nowhere on this list is going out to eat, buying a new-to-me vehicle, splurging on clothing I really don't need, buying jewelry, or buying new shoes.  I did all of the things on this list and more but none of them made my list of 3 best memories.  To be honest, they wouldn't even make my top 25 list!

The quote I hear most often is "  I don't have any money - I can't afford to travel."  I know most of the people that tell me this make more money than I do, especially if they are in a two income household. I raised my daughter as a single parent and work  in a state where the minimum wage is currently $7.25 an hour and only $5.15 an hour when I became a single parent.  

Eating pastries in France with someone you just met.
It's not that I have extra money, it's that I choose what I want to spend my money on.  I go to the movies about once a year, driving through McDonald's and not ordering off the dollar menu is what I consider eating out, and don't even get me started on buying a lot of new clothes.  I'm not saying that I don't do these things, I just do them in moderation.  

I think you should spend you money on what's important to you and that is going to be different for each individual.  For me, I would rather be exploring Europe than sitting at a nice restaurant eating something that is literally going to exit my body later.  

Fresh Italian pizza that you actually eat in Italy.
Seriously, at least with clothing, you have something that will last longer than a few hours!  OK, enough harping about spending a lot of money on food.  If you happen to love cooking and the experience of eating out brings you long term happiness,  then by all means, eat away.

 I have many food blogger friends that enjoy dining out and writing about the experience.  It is something that brings great joy to their lives but it's the whole experience of enjoying the atmosphere, critiquing the food, and writing that brings the joy, not the actual plate of food.  That's just a momentary pleasure.

Watching the kids kayak in Jamaica

Some people hate to travel and that is perfectly fine.  I'm not saying don't waste money so you can travel, I'm saying don't waste money on MATERIAL THINGS that only bring momentary happiness.  Spend your money on things that create great experiences!!!

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