January 25, 2016


Our plane landed in Ireland and we stood waiting at the carousel for our luggage that never arrived.  The first day of our 16 day vacation and we had no luggage. 

The two ladies at the airport we so sweet and gave us each a kit with t-shirt, toothpaste, and deodorant.  We finally left the airport in a taxi and arrived at the place we were staying for the night, Dublin Airport Manor.

We had made reservations at the Celtic Lodge in downtown Dublin.  The cost was €50 and they would shuttle you from the airport to the lodge and would pick you up the next morning and carry you back to the airport free.

We had to walk up four flights of stairs so I guess it was a good thing we didn't have a lot of luggage.

The place was very clean and we had a small but nice bathroom.  I was excited that we had toilet seats again !  After traveling around Italy where it was uncommon to have a toilet seat, I was beyond excited to have a nice large, flat surface to sit on.

Below is the view outside of our window.  

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