March 16, 2016


I'm looking at a flight from Dallas, Texas to Fort Myers, Florida in April....Cost: American Airlines $357.....Spirit Airlines $71. That is a HUGE difference and that is why I will continue to fly with Spirit Airlines.

If you do any research on Spirit Airlines, you will see tons, I mean TONS, of negative comments. I’m not saying that these people do not have valid complaints, but many of the complaints come from lack of knowledge of the airlines policies. All of their policies are on their website but you do have to do a little searching to find all of the information.

Last week, I flew to from Dallas to Orlando with my daughter, son-in-law, and his sister along with a 6-month-old baby. I wasn't sure what to expect since I had read so many bad comments. I was pleasantly surprised that the airplane was new and very nice. The staff from the airport and airline were also very courteous. I don’t have one bad thing to say about the flight there or the flight back. So where do all of the negative comments come from?

 Some of the comments I read were:

o    The seats are hard and small (yea, they are on most planes)
o    No wifi (only been on one plane that had wifi – London to Dallas)
o    No TV (same as wifi)
o    Have to pay for food and drinks (same on all economy airlines but you can throw a candy bar or granola bar in your bag)
o    You can only have one small personal item (purse, backpack, bag) to carry on free of charge.  You have to pay for any luggage/carry on that is over 12x14x16 (You can easily pack for a week in a 12x14x16 bag, especially if you have a travel vest)
o    The seats don’t lean back (So glad…this is one of the few flights I have been on that I didn’t have someone’s head in my lap)

So, again…it’s not really that bad.  Not if you want to travel but don’t have a lot of money to spend on you flight. 

All of these positive comments and we had a 6-month-old baby with a stroller and car seat.  Not to mention open bottles of water and formula. All baby supplies were checked by hand and we were quickly sent on our way.

If you are considering flying on a budget airline, go to their website and read their policies. 

Since luggage seems to be a huge issue with Spirit airlines, let's discuss luggage. Spirit airlines state on their website "One personal item that fits under the seat." It goes on to state:

What are the size and weight limits for bags?

To keep ticket prices (Bare Fare™) low for everyone, we charge for carry-ons and checked bags. We charge more for checked bags over 40 lbs. This is because the added weight requires more gas for the plane. One personal item that fits in the smaller size box (like a small backpack) is included with your ticket. Another personal item or anything larger like a standard carry-on or checked bag will need to be paid for.
Spirit Airlines states that you can carry on one personal item 16x14x12 so I went online to search for bags that fit the required dimension.  
Here is a great video (Tips & Tricks to Spirit Airlines) I found on Youtube that covers the luggage requirements and the boarding pass.  I highly recommend you check it out.

Personal item (e.g., purse, small backpack, etc.): Dimensions must not exceed 16 x 14 x 12 inches (40 x 35 x 30 cm) including handles and wheels. 

You will see this bag recommended in a lot of videos.  It meets the requirements for your one free personal items.  I purchased mine at Walmart for around $40.  I know they also sell them on Amazon for about the same price.  It's  American Tourister and it will have the dimensions listed on the bag as 16x14x12.  I have carried it on Spirit Airlines without any issues.  

Don't think you can pack a weeks worth of clothing & personal items in that size bag?  Here are more great videos on YouTube of how much you can really pack in a small case.

If you plan to fly Spirit, make sure you check out Spirit 101 on their website so there won't be any surprises.

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