April 9, 2016


There are so many hotels in Rome that the task of finding the perfect one can be overwhelming.  I was searching for a place to stay near the Roma Termini and most were outside my budget.  I came across the Hotel Sileo  and at €50 , the cost was perfect.

We found the place easily, thanks to my street view on google maps.  Entering the building we saw this very old, very small, elevator.  We decided to walk up all four flights of stairs but after gasping for air and making several stops along the way, we decided that we would risk it with the thousand-year-old elevator rather than make the trek up the stairs again.
The elevator was so small, that it would only hold two people and two small bags which worked out fine for us since half of our luggage never arrived.

This is our room.  It had this lovely wardrobe for our clothing and we had a private bath located down the hall.

Our hosts at the Hotel Silio were Maria and Alessandro.  He spoke some English and she didn't speak any so it was challenging at times trying to communicate but it also made it the perfect place to stay. 

They were so sweet and Maria handed us an umbrella ever time we headed out the door.

You could see the bathroom down the hall

The highlight of my time with them was when Alessandro had a problem with his computer and asked us to fix it for him. Even though everything was in Italian, the commands are in the same location as ours so I was able to make the needed changes and was rewarded with a profound Grazi !

Maria also showed us around the hotel (which had 10 rooms) and somehow communicated to us that her husband had many trophies from his sailing days and that her daughter had painted all of the beautiful murals around the place.

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