May 9, 2015


My sister and I decided to stay the night in Fredericksburg, TX and decided to check out Cross Mountain Park.  It actually took us a couple of attempts to find it and calling it a park would be pushing it along with calling it a mountain.  It consist of one picnic table at the bottom of the mountain and one picnic table at the top.  

With this being said, there is a beautiful view once you get to the top and the cross is huge. 

Cross Mountain is located on a historic Marl and Limestone hill with an elevation of 1951 ft. It was used as an Indian lookout prior to early settlers. In 1847 during the settling of Fredericksburg a timber cross was found on the hilltop.  Early Fredericksburg pioneers gave this hill the name “Kreuzberg” or Cross Mountain. In 1946 the permanent lighted cross was raised. 

In 2014 Cross Mountain underwent a total renovation including upgraded hiking paths, a new hiking trail and installation of picnic tables. Now visitors and locals alike enjoy quick 1.2 mile hikes to the top of Cross Mountain and breathtaking views of the Texas Hill Country.


On North Milam just at the outskirts of town you will make a left turn into Cross Mountain Park.  It is marked with a very small sign and we missed it the first time we went by.

You will come to a dead end road with a  chain link fence.  It was confusing at first but we finally found the entrance.  Look for the little sign below that says enter here.


  • It's a  1 1/2 mile hike up the side of a mountain.  It's not a bad hike but don't attempt it if you have  any mobility issues.
  • Be sure to carry water.  You will need it.
  • Go at sunset and carry a camera - the view if beautiful.

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