May 23, 2016


After my detour to see the Magnolia House in McGregor, Texas, I headed to the Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas.

If you are not familiar with Magnolia House and Magnolia Market (audible gasp here), they belong to Chip and Joanna Gains' from the show Fixer Upper.  Let me encourage  you to check them out if you love decorating, real estate, or DIY projects.

We arrived about 4 pm so it wasn't crowded and we found parking close by.  Speaking of parking, there is not a designated parking lot like you would see at most stores.  You will need to parallel park on the street and there was a nearby parking lot that had several free spaces to park.

Magnolia Market was easy to find and the streets were easy to navigate.  

If you happen to be near Waco, stop by and see the place. 

I may have done a little shopping while there.

 For those of you who haven't been there yet, here is peak of what you will find in the shop. They also have an online store if you can't make the trip or just like to couch shop  like me.


There is really not much advice have for visiting Magnolia Market.  It's easy to locate and easy to find parking nearby.  I did a google search of the area (like I always advise you to do before traveling to a new location) to check out the surroundings.  Of course, the silos were easy to spot.

Magnolia Market

Home decor retail store
Phone: 254-235-0603
Customer Service: 254-235-0581
Email us or visit our FAQ page

Our Address
601 Webster Ave
Waco, TX 76706

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