June 6, 2016


When we decided to take a road trip along the Texas Coast, I knew I wanted to start in Galveston. I had not been there in over 30 years and I had always wanted to visit Moody Gardens.  It was also one of the closest beaches to Arkansas and we headed out with storm warnings in the forecast.

  When you are traveling with a 7 month old, you have to make extra pit stops.  We stopped at a very nice and clean rest stop.  It was one of the best maintained rest stops I have visited.  There was also a nice play area for children.

When we hit Houston, the rain started.  I don't mean those little showers that pop up, I mean raining so hard that you could only see the tail lights of the car in front of you.  

It wasn't a bad drive (except for Houston) and we made it to Galveston in about 6 hours.

We had serached for cheap hotels in Galveston, read reviews, and decided to stay in the Days Inn.   I paid $53.54 for the room and I honestly wasn't expecting it to be very nice. I had a very tight budget and had to stay in what I could afford.  My highest expectation was for it to be clean.  I can handle old and ugly but it has to be clean.

Welcome To Days Inn Suites Galveston at the Days Inn & Suites Galveston West/Seawall in Galveston, Texas

We were plesantly surprised when we entered the lobby.  The check in process was quick and easy.

 The rooms were updated and clean.

You can read my entire review of the hotel HERE.  

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